our solution

Our solution is adapted to any stakeholders in the art market, spanning from gallerists to auction houses, with restorers, academics, museums and institutions.

Rental system

Accessible and flexible. MATIS camera system is available on a rental basis, providing flexibility to users who wants to access it punctually. Alongside, we provide additional services like training and technical support.

Software subscription

Access the advance image processing services and interactive user interface with our proprietary software on a monthly subscription scheme.


MATIS provides institutions with access to proprietary software and secured collaborative platforms for art research, preservation, and data sharing. This strenghtens partnerships and promotes knowledge exchange.


MATIS services are available for individuals. Interested in having a scientific assessment of your collection? Contact us!

Auction house

MATIS develops tailored solutions that address the specific requirements of auction houses before sales, including comprehensive authentication services, cataloguing support, and real- time reporting.

Secured database

MATIS encourages users to subscribe to the software, whether they have access to the MATIS camera or not, to populate the secure database with valuable information. This database serves as a foundation for advanced analytics and tracking, beneficial for banks, family offices and investments organization.