MATIS Experience

Elevate your multispectral imaging experience with our intuitive user interface, perfectly paired with our cutting-edge multispectral camera.

Illumination module

Looking at Art differently

Our illumination layout provides an automatic power adjustment and calibration, adapted to any experimental conditions of images acquisition. Based on physics models of light absorption and reflection, our illumination-induced multispectral images reveal the different layers of the artworks from surface examination to underdrawings, according to the thickness and condition of the artworks. In one click, it produces 14 high resolution images in successive illuminations from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). Our technology allows for an accurate pixel-wise reflectance extraction.

  • hand-held and user friendly
  • No external equipment needed
  • 24 MP high resolution images
  • Integrated calibration

Multispectral Technology

Multispectral imaging involves capturing images of the artwork using a range of wavelengths beyond what is visible to the human eye, from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). Each wavelength provides unique information about the materiality of the artworks, revealing hidden details, underlying structures and material properties that may not be apparent under normal visible light.

Traditional multispectral imaging is performed with external halogen illumination directed on the painting and physical filter placed in front of the camera. This configuration drastically extends acquisition times with an increased probability to damage the artwork. The restriction in filters choice, accuracy in detection and low spatial resolution are the main limits of this existing technique.


Unlocking Art

Unlock the power of advanced image processing algorithms that reveal hidden information within artworks, such as underdrawings and spectral information. Our multispectral technology and machine learning driven algorithm extract the real chemical and digital fingerprint of artworks and make them accessible to you via our secure collaborative platform and software.

Our proprietary user interface gives you access to an interactive viewer allowing for multiple images comparison, pigment mapping, enhanced underdrawing visualization, secured report export, intuitive comment, and collaborative tools. Our interface provides an intuitive experience, making analysis and collaboration effortless. Designed with institutions in mind, our software also boasts a secure database to safeguard your valuable data.

  • Collaborative platform
  • Robust scientific analysis
  • Interactive condition reporting
  • Secured database
  • Foster transaction processes